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This weekend, I checked my Feedburner subscriber statistics and got a big surprise. As of the 18th of September all of the subscribers to this blog were dumped by Feedburner. I have no clue why this happened.

I am looking into this matter now. The official Feedburner blog mentions a "system wide problem" that occurred on the 18-20th of this month but nothing more. In other words: Google server failure. Worse, I heard grumblings on Twitter that Feedburner was rumored to be discontinued on October 20th of 2012. Feedburner did not dematerialize but a "digital disconnect" of the previous subscriber stats - a hiccup - did.

Please check your Feed for this blog. You can test it by clicking on the icons at the bottom of this post as well. If your Feed has been interrupted - please re-subscribe! I am very sorry for this issue but it happened without any warning or explanation.

If you have any Subscription or RSS issues with this blog please add them to the comments section for this post. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for more on Roaches soon.

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