Photoshop CS2 Give Away

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Tired of using GIMP to color your webcomics? Don't wanna to get entangled in iffy efforts at on-line piracy? Well, friend, Adobe is offering a once in a decade type of a deal for you to get full, legal copies of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and other apps in Creative Suite 2, right now.

Use your existing Adobe account, or create one, to get a free copy with working serial number of Adobe Photoshop CS2. This software is for both Mac or PC, right now, at Adobe is offering free copies of their industry standard tool due to company server and software updates that have led them to label this comprehensive package as "obsolete".

This verified link contains all three installation disks plus extras and serial number and is available now. Get a free, legal copy of Photoshop CS2. Get it before Adobe's servers lock up.

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