A satirical graphic novel available in Indianapolis area comic and book stores.

Video Game Concept Style

This art started out an artist reference map for the next book. Then, I decided to use it as a gate fold spread in the comic. The angle suggested that I could do a little more with it. So I ended up editing it together as a web-based game.

If it was a straight up game it would play like Call Of Heroes II. I liked that particular camera angle for exploration. If I had the talent I'd make a short real-time-strategy PvP with each player choosing a defensive or offensive faction in the forest.


  1. I enjoyed pvp game. Your idea is great. My name: Anna J. White

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  3. Fortunately, you have four bases to take cover behind - these in the end crumble, yet they give some assurance from the outsider's rockets.
    insane sparrow


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