The Archers

Trespassers Beware
What crawls unseen in the dank catacombs beneath the Tower?

These nefarious looking insects are milkweed beetles. They are diligent, militant and very aggressive to trespassers. These creatures act as fearsome guardians in the underground tunnels beneath the Tower. They owe their loyalty to Justice Reegen.

Their real life counterparts belong to the genus Tetraopes, a Latin classification meaning "four-eyes".


New Surreal Fantasy Webcomic
Warring factions in the insect kingdoms fight for a valuable prize.

This webcomic is an adventure with cartoony charters and some gore and violence. Kingdoms takes the lead character from the first book, The Grand Roach, and sets up a story with him as the leader of a belligerent army. In April 2019, I'll release two chapters. Then, I'll release the third chapter pages weekly.

The new idea got itself together on a giant drafting table. Medieval warfare with arrows, bows, spears... I've currently finishing the webcomic pages in Photoshop using an extended version. It has better brushes to digitally ink and color than Illustrator could do in a timely manner.

Let me know if you like the bug guts (I do!) - or if the action scenes are too much, or perfect, or what.

Underming Operation: Hero

Expanding Story And Terrain
Chapter Two is a deep tale set underground.

Some of the current art from the pages that I've scanned and begun cleaning up. While the line art part is flying - the color and lighting for an underground setting is challenging to make.

Chapter Two skips from the tower and Grand Roach's trial to an underground subterranean area. Check out the early line and tone artwork right here.