King Crudd vs. The Tribunal Terrible

A War Criminal Faces Off Against A Terrifying Trio
In This Strange Insect Kingdom - Justice Is Decided By Combat

The Tribunal Terrible are three judges: Chief Justice Kane, Justice Reegen and Jr. Justice Sprinkles. Prosecutor Dorenda is at the far right.

Although many people were happy with the previous comic's look as a vectory, cartoon style - I was not. It wasn't like the comics that I read and enjoy. The style was directly derived from 60's cartoons from Hanna Barbera.

I used it because it was practical. My art, writing and publishing team is one person.

This time out of the gate, I want to be more faithful to the type of action oriented books that I've been reading for 15+ years. These types of books include Kentaro Miura's Berserk, Arakawa's Full Metal Alchemist, the Drifters series, K&K's Lone Wolf and Cub and Stan Sakai's Yosagi Yojimbo.

All of these books I love for their style and their depth of character. These tales are multifaceted! I am humbly working to make something 1/10th as awe inspiring and emotionally moving as these master artists and writers. Especially Miura and Arakawa who are the biggest influences on me today.

Justice Reegen is a ball of crazy energy. In green, at the bottom right is the vicious and self-righteous creature Chief Prosecutor Dorenda.

How will this next leg of this webcomic series go down? Stay tuned, True Believers.

Webcomic Parody Pages

Sea Monkeys, WWF and Charles Atlas Parody Pages
DC And Marvel Comic Ads For Rip-Off Products

Ads were everywhere in Marvel and DC comics. I started noticing them in comics from the 1960's X-Men. The X-Ray specs, sea monkies, and strange Hostess ads with the Hulk or Spider-Man were usually badly printed two-toners. Later, there were ads in the 1990's for Nintendo characters and games.

The Archers

Meet The Cavern Cops
What crawls unseen in the dank catacombs beneath the Tower?

These nefarious looking insects are milkweed beetles. They are diligent, militant and very aggressive to trespassers. These creatures act as fearsome guardians in the underground tunnels beneath the Tower. They owe their loyalty to Justice Reegen.

Their real life counterparts belong to the genus Tetraopes, a Latin classification meaning "four-eyes".