King Crudd vs. The Tribunal Terrible

A War Criminal Faces Off Against A Terrifying Trio
In This Strange Insect Kingdom - Justice Is A Contact Sport

King Crudd is a former warlord captured by the Exuvians. He is a not thrilled about his current situation.

The Tribunal Terrible are three judges: Chief Justice Kane, Justice Reegen and Jr. Justice Sprinkles. Prosecutor Dorenda is at the far right.

Although many people were happy with the previous comic's look as a vectory, cartoon style - I was not. It wasn't like the comics that I read and enjoy. The style was directly derived from 60's cartoons from Hanna Barbera which I love. I used it because it was practical.

This time out of the gate, I want to be more faithful to the type of action oriented books that I've been reading for 15+ years like Miura's Berserk, Full Metal Alchemist, Drifters, K&K's Lone Wolf and Cub and Stan Sakai's Yosagi Yojimbo. I love all of these books for their style and their depth of character. I am humbly working to make something 1/10th as awe inspiring and emotionally moving as these master artists and writers.

How will this next leg of the series go down? Stay tuned, True Believers.

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