King Crudd vs. The Tribunal Terrible

A War Criminal vs. A Terrifying Trio Of Judges
Strange Insect Kingdom Justice Is Decided By Deadly Combat

Roaches by Paul Schmitt

The Tribunal Terrible: Justice Reegen, then Chief Justice Kane and Jr. Justice Sprinkles. Prosecutor Dorenda is at the far right.

The previous comic's look as a vectory, cartoon style was a good basis for the style I am working on for this new book. That first style was directly derived from 60's cartoons from Hanna Barbera. That meant basic designs with a limited art style. This time I am focusing on more attention to the details.

I generally like using cartoony styled characters because it's practical. My art, writing and publishing team is one person. A very stressed out person. With a short temper.

This time out of the gate, I want to be more faithful to the type of action oriented books that I've been reading for 15+ years. These types of books include Kentaro Miura's Berserk, Arakawa's Full Metal Alchemist, the Drifters series, K&K's Lone Wolf and Cub and Stan Sakai's Yosagi Yojimbo.

These books I love for their style and the depth of character. These tales are multifaceted! Now, I am humbly working to make something 1/10th as awe inspiring and emotionally moving as these master artists and writers. Especially Miura and Arakawa who are the biggest influences on what I am up to today.

Above there are four sketches of a small female judge. Right at the top of the concept art piece is Justice Reegen. She is a ball of crazy energy and a hyperactive creature with a background in archery. In dark green robes, at the bottom right is the vicious and self-righteous creature Chief Prosecutor Dorenda.

How will this next leg of this webcomic series go down? Stay tuned, True Believers.

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