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Kingdom In Crisis Art

Satire Gets An Upgrade In New Volume
Webcomic Veers Into Fantasy Direction

New production art from the new book promises more edgy adventures in the Insect Kingdom.

The story for the next book is a new direction for a series that began as a humble black-and-white webcomic. Instead of the gag/page-a-week format I've moved into a fantasy approach for the art and a more traditional approach to story. This arc turns the Roach kingdom upside down. It reveals intrigues and introduces fascinating new characters.

This book has been penciled. I'm in the process of cleaning it up and digitally inking now. Colors for the book seem to need more attention. The flat and slightly shaded style used in book one is now a thing of the past. The early results for book two look very good.

The Exuvian villagers have a very different culture from the roaches we've seen before.

New types of roaches and insects are coming up in the next book. I really wish I could say more! Subscribe to this site for upcoming announcements.

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