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Growing Cast Threatens Sleep Patterns
Man Battles Insomnia For The Love Of Webcomics
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The thing about roaches is that they are next to impossible to kill.

My recent work in other areas (Graphic/Web Design) and other titles (Puppets/War Cry) has kept me really busy. The techniques developed from working on other projects are getting applied to my first title, Roaches.

For example, it's not a problem to design a template for comic cards and then render the art. That was not exactly the case when the webcomic got started back in star date 20XX. Then, as a mild mannered web designer by day, it was strictly HTML - which is kind of a code related joke and comic artist by night.

Now, I can see some of the carefully honed elements from the books that I love (GoT/Mouse Guard) as they start showing up, gradually, in this title. For me to take a "one-off" webcomic and push it towards a fully rendered card set is an important milestone over here, already.

If you aren't subscribed to this blog and buying the books - you are making a huge mistake. Luckily you can make up for it. Buy some merch. Help an artist to continue making one-of-a-kind work.

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