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Winter Art Show Features 10 Artists, 2 Bands and 1 Cartoonist.
Local Cartoonist: "They are kind of like evil versions of Smurfs."

This event video courtesy of RAW Indianapolis.

February was great. Fantastic. Right up there with the second coming and blood blisters. First, I was hired and fired on the same day at a new job. This job, I had only very reluctantly accepted in the first place. I was fired due to a series of paperwork errors that my one-time employer had made. Namely, deleting my resume, my work history and failing to provide accurate information to their own screening service.

Next, another company tried to steal interactive/animation work from me under the guise of a "test" for potential employment. This company, who never paid me a dime, flew into a rage when instead of getting source files, code and graphics that I'd spent a week working on as a "test", received a secured preview file. Shortly after demanding my work files, this company abruptly switched tones to inform me that they were going with another "more suitable" candidate - meaning they were unable to steal from me properly and were fairly outraged about it.

This level of on-the-job incompetence and unethical behavior, i.e. theft, is too typical for freelance Graphic Designers to immediately encounter with regard to employers.

Putting this aside for a moment - the best thing that happened during February was RAW. Before the show, I drank a bunch of coffee with some cool people I met at a nearby coffeehouse. Then, I met two or three really cute girls (hubba hubba) at the show. My friends' band, The Chicago Typewriters who are also from my part of the state, were clearly the best act there.

February 14th turned out to be a great night in the middle of a harsh month.

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