ASH Con August

Paul Schmitt
Sterling ClarkMr. and Mrs. Rodney FykeMatt Wright and Marc Fishman
All photos by Paul Schmitt of Gargantuan Media 2012.

ASH Con August was another very well-attended event with nearly 700 attendees coming in during Sunday morning and early afternoon.

There were over a half a dozen indie title creators that I spoke with. All of them were even kind enough to let me get a quick photo and their web site information. Among the were Sterling Clark, who has worked with Sal Buscema, from Studio S in Kokomo, IN., Rodney Fyke from Hazzum in Cincinnati, OH., Marc Fishman and Matt Wright from Unshaven Comics in Chicago, IL., and Production Director at Panetheon Willie Peppers from Louisville, KY.

The guys from The Black Rose, Aaron Minier and Chris Anrnt were there as well as Mike Graves from BRIDGE Collective in Indianapolis, IN.

The show was a lot of fun. I managed to sign a few books and speak with a lot of comic people. There was even an extraordinary amount of cute chicks at this show. Probably the best show I've done all year.

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