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The Gargantuan Media table is loaded for war - a war on "lame" that is.

It's time for some really great news.... I'm very happy to announce that my self-publishing effort, Gargantuan Media, has been confirmed for Summit City Comic Con in Fort Wayne on May 12th 2012. Summit City is a HUGE Con with hundreds of creators. This a big development for Roaches, Gargantuan Media and myself as guy who made his first comic in 6th grade and has been into underground comics since junior high.

Summit City is being held on Saturday May 12th 2012 at the Grand Wayne Center at 120 West Jefferson Boulevard in Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802. Tickets are only $10, kids 12 and under are admitted for free. Tickets are on sale right now. Get your tickets and come see me in Artist's Alley. I am in the first row of booths at A13 will be armed with freebies for you guys and I will sketch any character from any series as a roach for only $10 bucks American!

Summit City is being held at the Grand Wayne Center 120 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN. 46802.

This is my biggest con to date and I will be loaded up with Roaches, posters and maybe even some new mini-comics. I'll also autograph books, new posters and custom merchandise with purchase. Come and get art and books from an Indiana artist at an Indiana comic con whydontcha already?

Above is a look at my current table set-up for comic cons. As you can see, it's flipping loaded. I've got Roaches books, flyers and six kinds of bookmarks, plus stickers for the comic con going public. My goal going forward is to have something for everyone - kids, hipsters, parents and teens.

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  1. Thanks to all of the new fans, interested people and fellow creators from Northern Indiana who stopped by my table. Thank you for your support!


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