Ash Con Book Signing: Feb 26th 2012

Ash Con Indianapolis Feb 26th

Hello to all you folks and thank you for subscribing to my first book, Roaches. It's been great for me to talk with so many of you including the small businesses and retailers that have worked with me on getting my book into local stores. I have been a fan of underground books like Zap, Weirdo as well as Mad and Cracked my whole life - so we always have a great to deal to talk about, right? Right!

My first official Con appearance and book signing for Roaches will be at long-time comic con institution Ash Con at the Ramada (I-70) 6990 E. 21st Street Indianapolis IN 46219.

Ash Con began in January of 1987 when the Hulk was Gray and an amazingly life-like robot named Ronald Reagan ruled Earth with a cruel, metallic fist. Today, in futuristic 2012, democracy has returned to the Land Of Lincoln and Ash Con has developed into a monthly Con aimed at Midwest and local creators and dealers of comics, books, gaming, cards and graphic novels - that last part is where I fit in.

I will be there all day starting at 9:30 AM. At the table. All day. Look for the bright orange banners and Roach signage. You will be able to find me just fine. And just think of it, man! Now, you will be able to complain to me about how racist/sexist/chauvinist my book is - directly to my face! It is SO gonna be on.

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  1. Thank you to everyone who came to my first con appearance at ASH Con in Indy over the weekend. You guys are awesome.

    I'll be back at ASH in April with more local books and art. See you there.


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