Grand Roach

A new motion test made in Flash for the Grand Roach.

Do you want to know something? I need a new computer. The one I have renders Quicktime files from the Jurassic Era. How do I know this? Because the compressors are so badly out-dated that no matter how well I animate something (which is debatable) the compressors end up destroying the timing.

To clue you in on the "vintage" nature of my Apple G4 I bought it at the end of the 20th century. Since then it has been a print work-horse but is not cut out for more complex things like, say, rendering an 8-second clip in After Effects or Flash.

More good news. The one reliable guy I trusted to buy computers and parts from has either changed his business number or has gone out of business entirely. Un-flipping believable.

So a new Apple, an iMac I think, is in the cards for 2013. Which actually is probably the real good news here. Stick around...

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