Roaches Storyboards

An early look at the first Roaches animation with the voice-over and some sound effects work added in.

The first few parts of the animation production are nearly completed. The 20-30 storyboard panels are synced up within an "animatic". This rough animation shows the story and the general timing for this animated short.

And I mean short. It's four minutes total but that is still pretty ambitious for a small production company.

The performance by the voice actor Julian Mulock, who plays the Grand Roach, is really excellent! His acting skills go a very, very long way selling these "cutesy" bugs and absurd nature of the short itself. I mean, how many bugs go to war anyway? Not a lot I imagine.

In few more weeks I'll have the next steps done. Next, I'm replacing enough art to post another animatic. Please, "like" and "thumbs up" this clip here on Blogger and at Youtube. It helps!

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