The Great War

Roaches by Paul Schmitt
A character sheet for retro-roach soldiers from the up-coming Roaches short.

The New Year is here and with it the anniversary of Roaches. It was just over two years ago this winter when I started this title. Way back in the winter of 2010. In the beginning it was just a few gags scratched out in a sketchbook. I remember being on a wicked caffeine high in this little coffee shop in Ohio and taking a break from fighting a mean infestation of real-life roaches that were in my apt. building.

I showed the bits to a few people who, much to my surprise, really enjoyed it. So, I took up my first webcomic right there and then.

Since then, the zany Roaches found an audience on-line, a book has gotten published, it's toured a few cons and now a short is in production. This little title has gotten all grown up!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more mischief.

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