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Roaches Animation Cartoon
Updated art for the Roaches with a clearly formatted "gold and bronze" style for the titles.

There have been some developments for an animated short based on my book. I've been talking to local animators, voice talent and recording studios about getting some work put in for an animated short based on the Roaches characters. I'm happy to report that this is going really well.

The short's art direction is called "Temple of Doom" due to the pose of the king of the roaches. He looks like an evil priest. This inspired the gold and bronze look for the rest of the title elements.

Once the next set of motion tests are put together I will post them in order to decide on a direction for the rest of the short. Stay tuned for more on animation news for Roaches.

Roaches Character Sheet by Paul Schmitt
A look at the updated art for the pompous leader of the roaches, Mr. The Grand Roach.

Above is a "turn-around" showing all sides of the character. In this case, The Grand Roach - the pompous leader of the roaches. I have a few more of these character sheets to finish and then I will be able to move on and get some motion tests together.

In the meantime, I'm getting several more character sheets together with a wide variety from the insect world of roaches including Ampluex Wasps - the roaches natural predator in the wild, Pill bugs which work as messengers in the insect kingdom, and a few new roaches species including Blaberus Giganteus and Aptera Fusca. Also there is a good chance of that infamous rock 'n roller Johnny Rocko will have also a sheet produced in the near future.

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