Disco: Part One

Rock 'n Roll Roach Versus Disco Roach
Why and How 1's And 2's Can't Deal With 3's And 4's
Roaches by Paul Schmitt

As soon as the turntables and the Cold Play hits your favorite rock 'n roll club - duck for cover. Things are about to take a sudden left turn.

Bars and clubs grow to a point where they book great regional and national acts that draw quality crowds. Alt-rock/punk/rock-a-billy road warriors drive in from all over the country to rock the house. A club at it's peak is something to experience.

Then, all of the sudden, that stops. The next thing you know: one guy is spinning records, terrible dance pop records that pose the existential question: "Do you believe in life after love?" On Friday and Saturday night. At the same club. The one that had all the good rock bands for years...

So, what happened to your rock club? Instead of talking with a wide range of people from all over the country you end up with a identical crowd of the drunk Cher lovin', Madonna boogeyin' yuppie tool bags from the "right" side of town packed in 300 deep. 220 of them have their phones out at all times like Star Trek tricorders being used to carefully navigate a class M planet.

Your favorite rock club is now a very large phone booth (remember them?) that is playing bland Muzak. Just like that.

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