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During of the worst of the new year's harsh quasi-blizzard weather I’ve been working on an animated short for Roaches. This first pilot episode is titled “If War Were Declared”. It's set in a WWI era world in the roach city of Kor.

"If War Were Declared" stars Canadian actor Julian Mulock as the Grand Roach. Assistant Director and Sound Engineer Tim Thomson. Written, designed and directed by me, Paul Schmitt.

Schmitt Indianapolis Comic

I’m looking for 2D Character Animators to help finish this short. Send me an email if you're interesting in volunteering your time to help with this indie animation.

The sound track for this short is made up of WWI era songs. I'm continually researching the period around WWI in America and England for this short. I found this tune in the Library of Congress's collection. It was recorded in Camden, New Jersey in 1917 by the American Quartet and is titled "It's a long way to Berlin, but we'll get there!".

At Deviant Art a few of my friends have added some important input for the overall art direction. Now it looks like that these bugs could be driving 1914 era VW Bugs. It's an example of how fans and other creators can give you something really valuable to you if you just ask for it. Good stuff.

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